Welcome to ArtHub! We are creating a space for artists to discuss their inspirations, aspirations, as well as to share and inspire others. ArtHub dedicates itself to highlight creatives and their work who may not feel seen. We will host events, interviews, competitions, and create a forum safe for all of you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a dancer, photographer, painter, singer, model, fashion designer; we work for you. We invest in art and artists and want to see the quality of your work expand into something great.

As artists, we need to expand out of the conventional “dancer” or “photographer”. Our mission is to aid creatives in producing authentic, magnetic art.



ArtHub plans to open a studio! In the heart of NYC, a multi-purpose event venue and studio space geared for artists.  An artist with a vision deserves to work in a space where all their needs can be met. A place where creatives can bring their wildest dreams to life.  Our vision is to establish an adequate place for NYC artists to make their visions and concepts. A place with the right equipment, good energy, and everything you could possibly want.

Meet the Creator

Skye Jackson-Williams is an eighteen-year-old Belizean-American artist in New York. Growing up in Harlem and later moving to the Bronx kept her surrounded by hip hop culture. She is a trained technical and hip hop dancer. She has studied with many companies but moved into the dance industry once joining Generation X at BrickHouse NYC under the direction of world-renowned Dancer/Choreographer, Kelly Peters. Skye has worked with many brands and artists including Reebok, Swarovski, Flo Rida, VFILES, Dogpound, and SIX02. Freestyle is where she feels the most authentic and wants to be known for her creative and storytelling movement. Besides dance, she’s developed a love to write, and produce videos that reflect current issues in the world. She is an advocate for change, following in her mother Assemblywoman Chantel Jackson’s footsteps. Skye wants to travel the world showcasing her choreography, inspire the youth, and be a champion for young artists.