Our crew of fresh creatives represent authenticity and we are giving them a space to showcase their work.

Amaya Santiago. From Bronx, New York, she loves to dance, draw,  skate, edit, and show off her latest fits. Amaya is a self-taught dancer and finds it inspiring to see how other artists move. She started editing and making short films a few years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Amaya sees herself to be an all-around beacon for creativity.

Faith Coleman is from Queens, NY, and has been dancing for about 16 years. As a young girl, dance always served as more than just a hobby. Dance was a way for her to express all feelings and emotions and allow her to find new ways to battle any challenges that came her way. Faith has experienced many challenging moments in her life and has used dance to fight against them. 

Faith started her dance training at age 2 in a local dance studio. She then moved on to train with Tommy Tibball at TKO Dance Academy in Ozone Park, NY. By age 15, Faith began to train with world-renowned dancer/ Choreographer and one of NY’s finest Kelly Peters. She joined his training program which then led to joining his crew, “Generation X”. Training under Kelly Peters and BrickhouseNYC helped Faith dive into the commercial dance world with training in various styles and also finding her true self through dance. Through Kelly, she began to expand her knowledge in aspects like freestyling/improv, NY dance history, branding, and more. Faith is now on her 5th year on Generation X and is now a Co-Captain.

Training, hard work, and dedication led to Faith’s first commercial job, modeling and dancing for Swarovski Crystals in an AD campaign. She then went on to do NYFW, HBO, Reebok, movies, and music videos. Faith continues to train and work hard and her achievements will only continue to expand and continue to push the limits. Her goal in the next year is to land more jobs, to expand creatively, and train even harder to become the artist she strives to be.   

Ange Gregg Sainvilus currently resides in NYC, born and raised in the South Bronx. He is passionately pursuing his journey into becoming a professional dancer and this coming fall he will be a sophomore in York College. Gregg’s hobbies are designing clothes, freestyling, and bike riding.

Iman Brooks is a 21-year-old dancer based in New Jersey. Iman has been training since a young age in many styles, ballet, African, tap, hip-hop, salsa, modern., jazz, etc. She is currently training in New York City under the direction of Kelly Peters at Brickhouse NYC. She will be going into her third year on the crew, along with being in X-Pro, she is also a part of the Urban Contemporary crew, Mixrz. Dance has always been an outlet for Iman, a way to fully express her voice and be understood. Throughout her years of training, she has danced with artists like Demiana Esposito, Aaron King, and recently Uniiqu3music at AfroPunk. Although she is fresh in the industry, she is ready to enter with an open heart and a positive mind to conquer all her dreams.

Along with being a dancer, Iman is very connected spiritually. She actively practices meditation, journaling, crystals, and more. She uses her tools to heal and mend herself through rough times, the same way dance heals her as well. She has created a page dedicated to her poetry along with creating a safe space on her Instagram, as she does guided meditations on live. She wishes to join the worlds together, along dance to flow in with her spiritual side. She wants to use her gifts to help others and inspire others to keep going. Eventually, she wants to open a mental health counseling service to help artists of all kinds get through their hardships and allow them to have a space to express themselves.

Mali Dada D’Janite, professionally known as “ Mazi “ originally from Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York City.
As a young girl, Mazi has been dedicated to her passion for dance. No matter what she’s gone through, dance served as an outlet, and helped her through all life’s obstacles.
Mazi’s training began in Brooklyn, NYC at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. She has studied with many companies but her Her elevation into the commercial Dance world began when Mazi auditioned for Dance crew “ Generation X “ At BrickHouse NYC under the leadership of world renowned Dancer/Choreographer, Kelly Peters. Peters taught and continues to train Mazi in all forms of Hip Hop from popping, locking, breaking, waving, and more.

Mazi’s versatility and unique style landed her first Live performance with singer Teyana Taylor (out of 1500 people who auditioned.) Since then Mazi has danced and performed for Cardi B, Fat Joe, Lil Uzi Vert, H.E.R, Skip Marley, Adam Lambert, Nike, Adidas + More!
More recently, Mazi has secured both International Nike and Adidas advertising campaigns within the same year! The list continues to expand as more opportunities continue to pour in for this beautifully talented, versatile, and bright upstart!

Dani and Dom are sisters based in New Jersey/New York. Together they are the assistant creative directors for Brickhouse NYC’s contemporary fusion dance company, MiXRZ. There they strive to help artists amplify their voices and dig deeper into their artistry. Currently, Dani is enrolled in LIM college for visual studies and is minoring in styling, while Dom is studying photography/video at the School of Visual Arts. They have trained under minds such as Dana Foglia, Kelly Peters, Emily Greenwell, Hayden Frederick, Cat Cogliandro, Ryan Davis, Justin Conte, Mishay Petronelli, Brian and Scott Nicholson along with many more. Credits include Refinery29, NBC’s Saturday Night Live, MTV’s TRL, HBO, Swarovski, Six:02, and DOGPOUND. They combine their dance background with their knowledge of fashion and photo, incorporating it into everything they do. Dani and Dom’s goal is to synergize and offer a fresh perspective. 

Meet Tayahna, the 17-year-old multi-hyphenate creative: singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, DJ, and model. From the early age of 6, Tayahna has been taking on the industry, starting from local shows in her community, to performing at the famous Apollo theater, festivals in London, and venues all over NYC. Using her authenticity as the foundation for curating her musical sound, style, and brand, Tayahna has generated an organic following of her own, releasing soulful vibes and mixes on her SoundCloud. As (DJ) TaliaGoddess, she has earned her spot as one of the top go-to DJ’s in NYC’s scene.  

Meet Tess, who fell in love with photography because it allows her to physically manipulate moments into her perspective. She wants her art to capture New York’s finest, the people who live here. “New Yorkers are the most beautiful people (in my opinion) to exist and I want to showcase my perspective on this beauty.”

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