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Faith Coleman

“This country that has faced and overcome many things in its time. LGBTQ members can legally marry, a black man can use the same bathroom as a white man, a woman can work just as hard as a man. But how many more black lives need to be taken by cops? How many more black lives need to be taken by white supremacists taking action into there own hands? How many black men need to be wrongfully incarcerated? How many black deaths are going to be pushed aside by the justice system?  Enough is Enough. I should not be in fear of driving in an all-white neighborhood. My nephews should not have to go on TV and see a black man killed by a cop.  The government and the criminal justice system continue to fail us and wonder why we react in this way. A white militia group should not have the right to protest a stay at home order with AK-47s and grenade launchers and we can’t even take a knee. It breaks my heart that history is constantly repeating itself and the people that should be learning from it aren’t. Why have lynchings just become illegal? Why was the police officer arrested days later? This wasn’t Martin Luther King’s dream, this wasn’t why Rosa Parks didn’t get up, this isn’t why Malcolm X risked his life. We will continue to be heard and we will force others to listen. I refuse to live in a world where my skin color dictates someone else’s behavior. The Government must take action against racism, police brutality, bigotry, discrimination, and much more or we will. Please donate as much as you can. Educate your friends and family and spread the word.”